Why you must visit Reykjanesbaer

Why you must visit Reykjanesbaer

Reykjanesbaer is an Icelandic municipality located on the Southern Peninsula. The municipality contains several towns that include Hafnir, Asbru, Njarðvík and Keflavík among others. Even though the town is one of the youngest in the country, this has not prevented it from growing rapidly and proving popular with locals and tourists alike. The town, with its population of around 14,100 residents, is Iceland’s fifth largest community.

Outdoor Activities

The municipality is renowned for outdoor activities. The peninsula is worth visiting considering the important role it plays as one of UNESCO Global Geopark. The peninsula also forms part of the network of European and Global Geoparks. The wide-ranging volcanic and geothermal activities in Reykjanesbaer mean that you will never lack options when in need of diverse outdoor activities worth doing.

You can access the peninsula all year round. This is because of the favorable weather and cozy temperatures. It is worth noting that Reykjanesbaer is not prone to adverse weather conditions. In addition to Reykjanes Geopark, which is located in Reykjanes Peninsula, the area has other major attractions. Some of the major attractions that will not only shock but also convince you to tour the area once more include the following:

  1. Almenningur
  2. Arnarsetur, which is also known as The Eagle’s Nest
  3. Basendar
  4. Brennisteinsfjöll

Recreational Activities

The area is renowned for plenty of recreational activities. Some of these activities include aerial sightseeing and attending cooking classes. Angling has proven one of the most popular recreational activities too. You can rent bicycles and travel to any part of the municipality alone or as part of a group. The fact that Iceland has a unique and diverse population of birds gives you every reason for engaging in bird watching while on a tour of Reykjanesbaer.

Similarly, you can rent any kind of boat that will satisfy your urge for touring the major local attractions while on the water. The boats that you can choose from are riverboats, sailboards, rafts and kayaks. Alternatively, instead of renting boats, feel free to pay for boat tours. Under boat tours, your options include Puffin tours, whale watching and Northern light cruises to mention but a few.

Exploring caves appeals to spelunkers and Reykjanesbaer offers plenty of this, especially from the Reykjanes Peninsula. Day tours are available to tourists who prefer visiting the local galleries, museums and all the adjacent natural wonders. Diving and snorkeling represent two other water-based activities that should appeal to the most adventurous divers or tourists who need a rush of adrenalin pumping throughout the body.

Geothermal baths offer the perfect opportunity for engaging in one of the coziest activities ever. You only need to locate a hot pool and dive in for the chance to take a geothermal bath, which will linger in your memory long after you return home. The local scenery is full of hiking trails that make your hiking tours memorable. Hiking presents one of the most popular modes of travel. If you prefer hunting, Reykjanesbaer has more options– just like the rest of Iceland.