Camping in Iceland

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It is true that Icelanders love camping. Some Icelanders prefer camping sites with least expensive accommodation. Others do not consider the high fees at any camping site a deterrent. One of the factors that make Iceland a great camping location is the natural beauty. In addition to this, Icelanders are passionately proud of their country and love the outdoors immensely. This is why we have customized our camping packages uniquely to cater for the needs of each camper.

Summer – Best for Camping

Campervan hire in Iceland is nest in the summer months. It is little wonder that many Icelanders, including tourists, prefer setting up outside over the weekends during summer. The sunny weather and warm temperatures make the outdoors extremely attractive to campers. Regardless of the location of the hotel or facility that you use for accommodation, a great campsite is never far away. The outdoors is full of varied options worth considering.

Amenities at Campsites

Some of the best campsites in Iceland camper sites remain open from May to September. The country has several organized sites that anybody can use for camping. The organized sites are replete with various facilities or amenities to make your camping experience not only memorable but worth the money. A few examples of some of the facilities or amenities that you will find include at the organized sites include the following:

  • Electrical hook-ups
  • Water
  • Restrooms
  • Children’s play areas

Many of the campsites in Iceland are open plan. More importantly, the open plan campsites allow campers to choose any spot where they wish to set up camp. It is advisable to check around the campsite carefully first before settling on the ideal spot. In Iceland, it is common for farmers to charge a minimal fee for hosting campers. The country has a rich share of charming farms that you should consider using as campsites for a unique and memorable experience.

Wild Camping

Iceland is popular for camping because of many reasons. For example, its crime rate is one of the lowest. The Icelanders are friendly. In addition to all these, the local authorities have no problem issuing a license or assenting to your request for wild camping. To enjoy the best of the camping experience that Iceland has to offer, you should prepare a checklist, which should contain the following:

  • Cash
  • Alcohol
  • Food
  • Appropriate clothing

In addition to the aforementioned, you need weather-resistant tent. This is because the weather can be a bit capricious even during summer. For example, it is not unheard of for Iceland to experience plenty of rain and wind during the summer. To ensure that the unpredictable weather does not mess up with your camping expedition, a weather-resistant tent is mandatory. The tent should have sufficient waterproofing capabilities and ability to withstand winds.

Lastly, a warm sleeping bag is necessary. Do not ignore the importance of portable Wi-Fi hotspot, which helps you to remain updated with information regarding the latest road and weather conditions. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding any issue for which you need clarification regarding camping in Iceland. Contact us for assistance in choosing the best campsite in Iceland.