Top Activities to do while in Reykjavik

Top Activities to do while in Reykjavik

The world does not know of any other northernmost capital city than Reykjavik. The city is full of numerous top tourist attractions. Countless natural wonders surround the city. As the coastal capital of Iceland, the city has a rich collection of bars and late-night clubs. The Saga and National Museums are in the city. The city has many activities and fun things to do while here.

Some of your options include the following:

  • Free walking tour

City Walk Reykjavik is worth your time. The free walking tour will last around 2 hours. It involves walking around Central Reykjavik. Any person can embark on this free walking tour, even when on wheelchairs. At the end of the tour, you can choose to make donations. According to many tourists, the free walk is one of the biggest attractions of the city.

  • Swimming

The city has a large public pool that you can visit for a bit of swimming. The swimming pool has an outdoor hot tub where you can enjoy a bit of a soak, especially during the days when the temperatures hover around -5oC. While here, expect to meet with many locals with whom to establish friendships or strike a rapport that could prove helpful later. Eating hot dog

  • Visiting Hallgrimskirkja Church

The church has one of the most mesmerizing panoramic views of the downtown parts of the city. For the best view, take an elevator to the top of the church. The church is the largest in the country, thus offering you a few history and architectural lessons. The Leif Ericsson statue just in front of the church is worth using as your backdrop while taking photos.

  • Eating Hotdogs

You will find a hotdog stand just near the Reykjavik harbor. If you are looking for the place that has the best hotdogs in Iceland, do not look any further than Baejarins bestu, which is Icelandic for The Town’s Best. During the afternoons or weekends, long queues will form here. The city has several top restaurants where you can sample the best cuisine to satisfy your cravings.

  • Nightlife

Reykjavik has a rich nightlife. It is common to come across people in the city who are ready to party the whole night. Even when the local bars close for the night, drunken people from various bars and nightclubs will be walking around the streets. What is true about the nightlife is that it will never disappoint you.

  • Eating sheep faces or whales

Whale meat and sheep faces are just but two of the local cuisines that will leave you with a rich taste of Reykjavik in your mouth. Whale meat is available in various restaurants around the city. Some of the best whale meat is available at restaurants located around the Reykjavik harbor. Some of the restaurants go the whole distance by serving whale kebabs.

Finally, other activities worth doing while in Reykjavik include whale watching and bird watching. The city has a reputation for being one of the leading shopping destinations around the world. The flea market is worth visiting for an opportunity to buy lopapesya, which refers to wool sweater that the locals knit by hand.