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Traveling to Iceland?

Iceland is a unique country with amazing things on offer. Most tourists say that the major drawback is the price of living while staying! But you can lower the cost of staying in Iceland!
Discover where the locals SHOP, EAT and PARTY and get more from your visit to Iceland… at a lower price!

Uncover native secrets, great ideas and money saving tips to lower the cost of your visit! Don’t get ripped off just because the bus dropped you off at a tourist trap!

As most of you know, Iceland is a very expensive country (and if you didn’t know this, it’s about time you found out!) and the capital Reykjavik has a very high cost of living. One of the top five in the world in fact according to numerous surveys, topping the charts with Oslo, Tokyo, London and Moscow!

That’s why you’ll be very excited to hear about the little known native secrets that I’m about to share with you…

I’ve been working in the Icelandic tourist industry for over 15 years! I have had the pleasure of helping visitors to Iceland enjoy their stay, whether they are backpakers on a shoestring budget or the “typical” tourist.

After 15 years of guiding foreigners around Iceland and Reykjavik, I’ve decided that a lot of tourists out there will benefit from my knowledge of the best restaurants, affordable shopping, amazing little known destinations and the wildest nightlife Iceland has to offer. And after 15 years, there’s a lot that I can tell you. Like did you know that…

  • It’s only been about 20 years since Iceland opened up and became the modern society that it is today. Before that it had a heavily state operated economic model. All banks where state operated, it only had a single TV station that didn’t even broadcast during the summer!
  • Two-thirds of the population lives in the capital of Reykjavik, or its surrounding suburbs. The rest of the country mainly consists of mountains, glaciers, vast lava fields with a few dozen towns surrounding the coast.
  • Tourism is quickly becoming one of the biggest industries in Iceland. And with the hundreds of thousands of tourists now coming to Iceland, the islanders are trying to make as much money from them as possible!
  • While most tourists travel to well known tourist hot-spots such as Gullfoss, the Geysers at the Geysir park and the Blue Lagoon which are in all the tourist guides — there are dozens of other just as spectacular natural sights in Iceland that few tourists know about!

Thanks for visiting my sites and I hope you enjoy reading and visiting iceland.