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Camping in Iceland

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It is true that Icelanders love camping. Some Icelanders prefer camping sites with least expensive accommodation. Others do not consider the high fees at any camping site a deterrent. One of the factors that make Iceland a great camping location is the natural beauty. In addition to this, Icelanders are passionately proud of their country and love the outdoors immensely. This is why we have customized our camping packages uniquely to cater for the needs of each camper.

Summer – Best for Camping

Campervan hire in Iceland is nest in the summer months. It is little wonder that many Icelanders, including tourists, prefer setting up outside over the weekends during summer. The sunny weather and warm temperatures make the outdoors extremely attractive to campers. Regardless of the location of the hotel or facility that you use for accommodation, a great campsite is never far away. The outdoors is full of varied options worth considering.

Amenities at Campsites

Some of the best campsites in Iceland camper sites remain open from May to September. The country has several organized sites that anybody can use for camping. The organized sites are replete with various facilities or amenities to make your camping experience not only memorable but worth the money. A few examples of some of the facilities or amenities that you will find include at the organized sites include the following:

  • Electrical hook-ups
  • Water
  • Restrooms
  • Children’s play areas

Many of the campsites in Iceland are open plan. More importantly, the open plan campsites allow campers to choose any spot where they wish to set up camp. It is advisable to check around the campsite carefully first before settling on the ideal spot. In Iceland, it is common for farmers to charge a minimal fee for hosting campers. The country has a rich share of charming farms that you should consider using as campsites for a unique and memorable experience.

Wild Camping

Iceland is popular for camping because of many reasons. For example, its crime rate is one of the lowest. The Icelanders are friendly. In addition to all these, the local authorities have no problem issuing a license or assenting to your request for wild camping. To enjoy the best of the camping experience that Iceland has to offer, you should prepare a checklist, which should contain the following:

  • Cash
  • Alcohol
  • Food
  • Appropriate clothing

In addition to the aforementioned, you need weather-resistant tent. This is because the weather can be a bit capricious even during summer. For example, it is not unheard of for Iceland to experience plenty of rain and wind during the summer. To ensure that the unpredictable weather does not mess up with your camping expedition, a weather-resistant tent is mandatory. The tent should have sufficient waterproofing capabilities and ability to withstand winds.

Lastly, a warm sleeping bag is necessary. Do not ignore the importance of portable Wi-Fi hotspot, which helps you to remain updated with information regarding the latest road and weather conditions. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding any issue for which you need clarification regarding camping in Iceland. Contact us for assistance in choosing the best campsite in Iceland.

How to have the time of your life while touring Rovaniemi

How to have the time of your life while touring Rovaniemi

Rovaniemi is the home of Santa Claus. A visit to Finland would be incomplete without taking some time to see the beauties and incredible attractions that the city has to offer. The tour will help you understand why the locals call the city a tourism boomtown. The city has a large number of top attractions, restaurants and hotels worth checking out for accommodation while on a tour. The city is full of fun things that you can alone or with your family. Campervan holidays are very popular in the Arctic countries especially in nearby Norway ,during the summer months .

Thriving Nightlife

The city has a thriving and active nightlife. The infrastructure is one of the best. The city is full of numerous places that will be of great interest to you depending on your tastes. In addition to these, you will never run out of opportunities for embarking on endless safaris and enjoying unique experiences that will remain with you permanently. You will experience at least one night when the sun does not set during summer or a day when it does not rise during winter.

One of the greatest attractions about the city is its reputation as a popular destination worth visiting throughout the year. Regardless of the season and prevailing weather patterns, you will find something great about the city. For example, you will enjoy amazing highlights during winter that include reindeer rides, husky rides and snowmobile safaris as well as the Northern Lights hunting expeditions.

Arctic Animals

The Arctic animals that you get the chance to see up close from anywhere in the city includes:

  • Reindeers
  • Elks
  • Wolverines
  • Lynxes
  • Brown bears
  • Wolves
  • Polar bears

Ice Fishing

If you prefer out-of-the-box activities such as ice fishing, the city will not disappoint. After all, the city has enough lakes and rivers where you can indulge your appetite for ice fishing. Ice fishing is particularly popular when water freezes all over Rovaniemi. Ice fishing is the best technique to apply when waters freeze, thus making it impossible for you to do normal fishing. In fact, ice-fishing safaris are popular with tourists and locals alike.

Igloos are among some of the most natural and unique works of art that you can see while at Rovaniemi. The city is not too far from places where you can see massive ice and snow constructions. Some igloo sites worth visiting include Snow Village and Saariselka. To get to these destinations, you have to travel by minibus or on snow mobile, which offers a unique experience that would make your tour of Rovaniemi unforgettable.


You can get to Rovaniemi by plane. To do this, take a plane that lands at Rovaniemi Airport. The train provides you with an alternative means of getting to the city. You may also travel to the city by bus where the two most popular companies are Oy Matkahuolto Ab and Gold Line. The actual city center occupies a radius of only 1km, thus making it easier for you to walk to any destination within this part of Rovaniemi.

In addition to visiting Rovaniemi to see Santa Claus, other sights worth seeing include Pilke Science Center, Lutheran Church, Santapark, Korundi House of Culture, Log Train Terminal and German Soldier Cemetery. The city has several options of visit-worthy locations and attractions catering for the needs of customers with different budget ranges. You have enough options to choose when you need to eat, sleep or drink. For more information on best time  to tour Norway , Iceland and other arctic countries in  a rental campervan  please visit here

Why you must visit Reykjanesbaer

Why you must visit Reykjanesbaer

Reykjanesbaer is an Icelandic municipality located on the Southern Peninsula. The municipality contains several towns that include Hafnir, Asbru, Njarðvík and Keflavík among others. Even though the town is one of the youngest in the country, this has not prevented it from growing rapidly and proving popular with locals and tourists alike. The town, with its population of around 14,100 residents, is Iceland’s fifth largest community.

Outdoor Activities

The municipality is renowned for outdoor activities. The peninsula is worth visiting considering the important role it plays as one of UNESCO Global Geopark. The peninsula also forms part of the network of European and Global Geoparks. The wide-ranging volcanic and geothermal activities in Reykjanesbaer mean that you will never lack options when in need of diverse outdoor activities worth doing.

You can access the peninsula all year round. This is because of the favorable weather and cozy temperatures. It is worth noting that Reykjanesbaer is not prone to adverse weather conditions. In addition to Reykjanes Geopark, which is located in Reykjanes Peninsula, the area has other major attractions. Some of the major attractions that will not only shock but also convince you to tour the area once more include the following:

  1. Almenningur
  2. Arnarsetur, which is also known as The Eagle’s Nest
  3. Basendar
  4. Brennisteinsfjöll

Recreational Activities

The area is renowned for plenty of recreational activities. Some of these activities include aerial sightseeing and attending cooking classes. Angling has proven one of the most popular recreational activities too. You can rent bicycles and travel to any part of the municipality alone or as part of a group. The fact that Iceland has a unique and diverse population of birds gives you every reason for engaging in bird watching while on a tour of Reykjanesbaer.

Similarly, you can rent any kind of boat that will satisfy your urge for touring the major local attractions while on the water. The boats that you can choose from are riverboats, sailboards, rafts and kayaks. Alternatively, instead of renting boats, feel free to pay for boat tours. Under boat tours, your options include Puffin tours, whale watching and Northern light cruises to mention but a few.

Exploring caves appeals to spelunkers and Reykjanesbaer offers plenty of this, especially from the Reykjanes Peninsula. Day tours are available to tourists who prefer visiting the local galleries, museums and all the adjacent natural wonders. Diving and snorkeling represent two other water-based activities that should appeal to the most adventurous divers or tourists who need a rush of adrenalin pumping throughout the body.

Geothermal baths offer the perfect opportunity for engaging in one of the coziest activities ever. You only need to locate a hot pool and dive in for the chance to take a geothermal bath, which will linger in your memory long after you return home. The local scenery is full of hiking trails that make your hiking tours memorable. Hiking presents one of the most popular modes of travel. If you prefer hunting, Reykjanesbaer has more options– just like the rest of Iceland.

Top Activities to do while in Reykjavik

Top Activities to do while in Reykjavik

The world does not know of any other northernmost capital city than Reykjavik. The city is full of numerous top tourist attractions. Countless natural wonders surround the city. As the coastal capital of Iceland, the city has a rich collection of bars and late-night clubs. The Saga and National Museums are in the city. The city has many activities and fun things to do while here.

Some of your options include the following:

  • Free walking tour

City Walk Reykjavik is worth your time. The free walking tour will last around 2 hours. It involves walking around Central Reykjavik. Any person can embark on this free walking tour, even when on wheelchairs. At the end of the tour, you can choose to make donations. According to many tourists, the free walk is one of the biggest attractions of the city.

  • Swimming

The city has a large public pool that you can visit for a bit of swimming. The swimming pool has an outdoor hot tub where you can enjoy a bit of a soak, especially during the days when the temperatures hover around -5oC. While here, expect to meet with many locals with whom to establish friendships or strike a rapport that could prove helpful later. Eating hot dog

  • Visiting Hallgrimskirkja Church

The church has one of the most mesmerizing panoramic views of the downtown parts of the city. For the best view, take an elevator to the top of the church. The church is the largest in the country, thus offering you a few history and architectural lessons. The Leif Ericsson statue just in front of the church is worth using as your backdrop while taking photos.

  • Eating Hotdogs

You will find a hotdog stand just near the Reykjavik harbor. If you are looking for the place that has the best hotdogs in Iceland, do not look any further than Baejarins bestu, which is Icelandic for The Town’s Best. During the afternoons or weekends, long queues will form here. The city has several top restaurants where you can sample the best cuisine to satisfy your cravings.

  • Nightlife

Reykjavik has a rich nightlife. It is common to come across people in the city who are ready to party the whole night. Even when the local bars close for the night, drunken people from various bars and nightclubs will be walking around the streets. What is true about the nightlife is that it will never disappoint you.

  • Eating sheep faces or whales

Whale meat and sheep faces are just but two of the local cuisines that will leave you with a rich taste of Reykjavik in your mouth. Whale meat is available in various restaurants around the city. Some of the best whale meat is available at restaurants located around the Reykjavik harbor. Some of the restaurants go the whole distance by serving whale kebabs.

Finally, other activities worth doing while in Reykjavik include whale watching and bird watching. The city has a reputation for being one of the leading shopping destinations around the world. The flea market is worth visiting for an opportunity to buy lopapesya, which refers to wool sweater that the locals knit by hand.

What are the most attractive features of Akureyri?

What are the most attractive features of Akureyri?

Akureyri is one of the best cities to visit while in Europe. The easy-going nature of the city is one of the factors that make it popular with travelers from different parts of the world. Any person who desires to explore the green pastures of the north will have more than he imagines by visiting this Icelandic city and be in awe at the amazing variety of  birds. The city is full of various fishing villages in addition to waterfalls and mud pots, thus creating a picturesque location where you can develop lifelong memories. Many modes of transport are available from small camper van to larger mobile vans , when you book do make sure your van comes with insurance for accidents big and small.

Wonderful Scenery

Whale-filled bays and plenty of ski fields are just but the other major features that make Akureyri one of the biggest attractions in Iceland. A visit to Akureyri will show you why Iceland was chosen as the setting for the award-winning TV show called Game of Thrones. The dramatic landscapes and highly distinctive culture are just but a few of the aspects that will make you fall in love with this Icelandic city.

Major Landmarks

The city is the location of the longest fjord in the country and boasts of snowcapped peaks as some of its major landmarks. As the second largest urban area in Iceland, the city is not densely populated to make moving around a hurdle that you wish to avoid. Regardless of where you look in the city, stacks of basalt, lava fields, volcanoes and glaciers represent a few of the earth’s powers that you will see.

The city is endowed with some spellbinding offshore islands that you can visit. The strange underwater features should appeal to people who can never get enough of the deep sea diving. In addition to deep sea diving, the city has Akureyri Swimming Pool, which is one of the largest and most popular swimming pools in Iceland. In addition to a competitive pool of 25 meters, other aspects of the swimming pool that you will want to sample include:

  • Geothermal hot spots
  • Turkish bath
  • Waterslides
  • Indoor pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Children’s pool
  • Family garden full of some top playground equipment


Regarding accommodation, Akureyri has plenty of options that you can choose. Hotels are in great demand for the excellent accommodation and services that they provide. The demand for spending time in hotel apartments in the city has increased manifold. Guesthouses are as popular and much sought after as apartments among people who do not want to spend their time in campsites. People who prefer camping and cottages should considering the following locations:

  1. Grimsey Island
  2. Hamrar
  3. Þórunnarstræti
  4. Hrimland

Finally, visitors to Akureyri who prefer staying at facilities outside the city have plenty of options from which to choose. Apartments are located in various parts of the areas and towns that surround Akureyri. Holl, Safnasafnid and Audnir are just but a few locations worth visiting in case you feel the accommodation within the city is not what worth it. If you need more details about Akureyri to make your visit here worthwhile, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.